The code competition of the year

Develop the future of circular e-commerce together with Consid and Axfoundation.

Competition info

Considition 2022 is presented by Consid and Axfoundation. In this year’s challenge, you will develop an algorithm contributing to a more sustainable future for circular e-commerce deliveries and grocery shopping, with focus on sustainable use of shopping bags.

In the grocery and growing e-commerce sector, a very large amount of plastic and paper bags are utilized daily. However, these are not reused or recycled to the extent required in a circular economy. This leads to no-sustainable effects on both our planet and economy, and additionally to customer frustration.

Today, better alternatives are available. A more circular and resource-efficient process is needed, which Considition 2022 in collaboration with Axfoundation is all about.

What’s the challenge about?

Your task is to develop an algorithm that optimize the use of plastic and paper bags based on real life data to achieve the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution. The end goal is to achieve a circular economy that benefits the environment, customers, and companies.

The challenge is based on Axfoundation’s project Returnable, that is all about creating a system for circular e-commerce deliveries. Learn more about the project here.

The more precise technical specification of what data that will be provided and what your algorithm will have to perform will be made available in late October. The practice period (when data sets, starter kits and practice scenarios are released) begins on November 1st.

What can you win?

The winning team will go on an extraordinary weekend trip to Prague, to learn more about ML, AI & sustainability at Europe’s biggest conference on ML, AI and deep learning – Machine Learning Prague 2023.

In addition to the first prize, additional prizes to e.g. the second place, third place, best single player, best student team, most creative solution, best worst algorithm and more are up for grabs. 

The prize pool is worth about $6000 in total. Learn more about the prize pool here.

When & where?

You are welcome to join us at any of the open offices, regardless of where you work or study. As a contestant, you will be provided with food and beverages for free. Pick your desired location when signing up.

The competition is, of course, available online as well. The competition is held between November 1st and November 8th. The final night, where you’re welcome to our venues, take place on November 8th.

On November 1st, starter kits in Java, C#, JavaScript & Python are made available to get you going. You will then be able to start training your algorithm on our two training scenarios. On November 8th, between 6 PM and 9 PM (GMT+1), you will meet new scenarios to optimize your algorithm for. The most adoptable and best performing algorithms will end up splitting the prize pool worth a total of $6000.

Schedule (GMT +1)

November 1st

00:01 AM Rules, instructions & starter kits are released

November 8th

5:30 PM Our offices open for physical participation
6:30 PM The 1st competition scenario is released
7:00 PM The 2nd competition scenario is released
7:30 PM The 3rd competition scenario is released
8:00 PM The 4th & final competition scenario is released
8:30 PM The winners are announced
8:45 PM The hackathon is over

From November 1st until the final night on November 8th, you are supposed to train and optimize your algorithm. On November 8th, it’s up to you and your algorithm to perform. You will be able to optimize and develop your algorithm during the final night, until the results are definite at 8:30 PM.

What do you win?

The winners of Considition 2022 will go on an extraordinary trip to Prague to learn more about AI, ML and deep learning at ML Prague 2023 – Europe’s biggest conference on ML, AI and Deep Learning applications. During the weekend, you will experience food, culture, and smart sustainable tech. Learn about all prizes here.

How do you make a difference?

With the growing e-commerce in the grocery industry, the consumption of plastic and paper bags that are not reused or recycled is also increasing. Axfoundation has begun a dialogue withseveral partners regarding a hypothesis for a potential solution that has received a positive response from the consumer goods industry.

Considition 2022 is all about to develop Axfoundation’s hypothesis by adding your AI algorithm to calculate the most optimal solution. Sign up to make a difference.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in Considition, no matter if you’re a first-year student or a senior developer, working in private or public sector, living inside or outside Sweden or are willing to compete at home or at any of our venues in Sweden. You sign up in teams of one or two people.

We will provide you with introductory material and articles on the technological skills needed to create a solution. Starter kits will be provided in order for you to get the best out of the hackathon. This is probably one of the best ways to start learning AI and algorithmic development. Sign up to learn more about AI.