The world’s most important hackathon is back

Contribute to a smarter and more sustainable world together with Coca-Cola in Sweden and Consid.

The code competition of the year

Considition 2023 is presented in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden, and focuses on reducing the environmental impact from single use packaging in the beverage industry.

This year’s challenge is all about developing solutions for the future of sustainable beverage consumption – with intelligent algorithms. Coca-Cola in Sweden is at the forefront of innovative packaging solutions, but now it’s time to take yet another step into the future. Contribute and win mighty fine prices in Considition 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

”Intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals”.

Single-Use Plastics Directive

The SUP (Single-Use Plastics) Directive from the European Union is making the world becoming more sustainable. Contribute to world-leading sustainability solutions.

Coca-Cola in Sweden launches a refillable concept

When does the hackaton take place?

Considition 2023 is taking place on November 6th – November 23rd. Stay tuned for more information regarding the practice period and the final night on November 23rd.

When does the training begin?

Training starts on November 6th and continues until the final night on November 23rd.

Who can participate?

Everyone, no matter previous experience. We’ll provide you with starter-kits and thorough instructions. You can compete in teams of one or two people.

Where is the hackathon held?

Online from anywhere in the world and at Consid’s 40+ offices in Europe. Pick an office when you sign up, if you prefer good food and nice company on November 23rd.

Said about Considition

Competitors from 20 countries gathered in order to develop solutions with AI.

– The newspaper UNT

They developed an AI algorithm that builds sustainable cities.

– The MID University blog

The purpose is to encourage innovation that contributes to societal benefit.

– The newspaper IT-hållbarhet
Two people chatting over their computers.

Develop sustainable AI solutions – and yourself

In the fast-moving consumer goods industry (FMCG), things are moving fast. Especially in terms of sustainability and sustainable solutions. But a large amount of plastic packaging is still utilised.

Coca-Cola in Sweden is one of the leading actors in the food and beverage industry, constantly setting new standards in terms of sustainability with innovative solutions. Some of the latest additions of projects in that array are pilot testes of reusable cups and refill solutions.

That’s when you come into the picture. Take the chance to compete in Considition 2023 in order to make the world a better and more sustainable place, as well as developing your own AI skills in a fun and thrilling AI hackathon.

An earlier winner’s trip